Earth Day Gift From NASA – The Earth Seen Through a Bird’s Eyes

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On 22nd of April 1970, a protest against industrial pollution has begun, but nowadays we call it Earth Day, which has been established as a worldwide event with more than 192 countries and more than one billion people taking part in it. The president of the Earth Day Network (EDN), Kathleen Rogers, describes this event as the world’s most significant civic-focused day of action.

In addition to that, she also mentions that this day is one of civic participation and political action. Petitions are signed, people are marching, planting trees and cleaning up their roads and towns. Sustainability measures are this way announced by governments and corporations that also make pledges.

Earth Day attracted scientists, ecologists, and faith leaders of the world

Pope Francis and some other faith leaders made a connection between Earth Day and our mission as people to protect the greatest creations God blessed us with. The organization that leads Earth Day worldwide, Earth Day Network, decided that this event’s theme for 2018 would be to End Plastic Pollution, including global regulation for the disposal of plastics and creating support for a global effort to eliminate single-use plastics primarily.

“EDN is educating millions of people about the health and other risks associated with the use and disposal of plastics, including pollution of our oceans, water, and wildlife, and about the growing body of evidence that plastic waste is creating serious global problems.”

The survival of our planet is being threatened by the exponential growth of plastics, and we get clues about it every day as marine life gets injured and poisoned, and our human hormones are disrupted because of the plastic in our food causing major life-threatening diseases and early puberty.

Earth Day Network has a lot of goals that have as a main achievement to save the future of the planet, this including promoting alternatives to fossil fuel-based materials, ending single-use plastics, and promoting 100 percent recycling of plastics.

NASA released a series of images depicting Earth seen through a bird’s eyes

To celebrate Earth Day, NASA shared a set of images that show the Earth seen through a bird’s eyes. Evidently, that’s metaphoric since the pics were taken by NASA’s satellites and aircraft. Enjoy the images below:


Blue Seas Of Bahamas
Anvil Cloud Above Africa
Sea Ice in Atlantic
Mount Taranaki – Stratovolcano

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