Global Warming: Bizarre Warm Spring in Alaska Kills People and Animals

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Alaska had a spring more like a summer this year, and the consequences are being noticed in destructive effects on the local wildlife, and are also having an adverse result on humans. Global warming is, therefore, affecting Alaska now more than ever.

The average temperature of Kotzebue, on the north-west coast, in March, was of -5C (23ºF), 12ºC or 21.9ºF above average, and the rest of the country was not far behind. Reports from the Alaska Climate Research Center (ACRC) describe that the temperatures went 4.1ºC (7.4ºF) higher than the prior March analysis, and the rest of the state had the warmest March ever recorded.

Because of the barely thick ice on the Kuskokwim River​, otherwise usually frozen, two people had fallen with their snowmobiles while crossing the river and died of exposure, while a third barely survived. There are numerous remote villages which are dependent on supplies delivered by ice roads, like the before-mentioned river, and lots of people may be forced now to choose between risking a trip on the unstable ice or die of starvation. Even the popular sled dogs races have been canceled or sent on other routes.

Bizarre Warm Spring in Alaska, due to Global Warming, Kills People and Animals

The warmer temperatures in Alaska are linked to the melting of the sea ice in the Bering Sea, caused by global warming. Last year, the Bering Sea had just a percent of 10 out of its usual April sea ice. However, things are even worse this year, the ACRC reports say, and NOAA photographs demonstrate the facts.

The prediction that the warming caused by greenhouse gases would act faster at high latitudes was always exposed to climate change and global warming models.

As the devastating evidence of the world’s incredible faster warming adds up, those who deny it are getting more brazen in their claims that the colonies of walruses which were highlighted dying by falling off cliffs in the series Our Planet series by David Attenborough, were actually killed fleeing polar bears, and not because of the climate warming.

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