3 Billion Years Old Alien Discovery In The Makhonjwa Mountains In South Africa, Reported By Experts

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The oldest alien discovery on our planet might have just been revealed.

Some of the oldest rocks on our planet are found in the Makhonjwa Mountains In South Africa. But it seems that according to the latest research, not all of these stones in the mountains come from our planet.

Extraterrestrial organic matter found in the mountains  

In a recent study, experts have found some extraterrestrial organic matter that is trapped inside the volcanic rocks which have more than 3 billion years old.

Since the early history of our solar system, various space rocks such as meteorites have hit our planet. Some theories are claiming that these celestial rocks have impacted the Earth in the past, and they made the emergence of life possible here on our beloved planet.

The discovery of ET organic matter in the mountains of South Africa looks like it could be able to confirm the theories that we just mentioned.

“This is the very first time that we have found actual evidence for extraterrestrial carbon in terrestrial rocks,” said Frances Westall, an astrobiologist at the CNRS Centre for Molecular Biophysics in France.

South Africa mountains are holding the oldest alien discovery

In the Josefsdal Chert which is a volcanic deposit found in the Makhonjwa Mountains region, the experts have found a shallow layer of rocks that was showing some abnormal features.

Among these, there were two kinds of insoluble ET organic matter. It’s also important to note that this is the oldest organic matter of unknown origin that has been ever found on our planet.

Some of the rocks had nanoparticles of chromium, iron, nickel and this was something that’s not commonly found on Earth.

This suggested that the layers of rocks have appeared after impacts with space rocks coming from the deep space.

“Ni-rich chrome spinels, also referred to as ‘cosmic spinels,’ are formed during the entry of extraterrestrial objects in Earth’s atmosphere,” explained Didier Gourier, the leading author of the study.

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