NASA Chooses Maxar Technologies Inc. For Building The Lunar Gateway Project

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NASA is planning to send people to the Moon, and the plans are slowly becoming more and more palpable.

According to the latest news, NASA managed to eventually find a company that will be assisting the space agency with the building of the Gateway Platform.

The remote station is vital 

This remote station is playing a crucial role in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s mission, which aims to send human beings to the moon again in 2024, according to the space agency.

This contractor has been reportedly chosen following some pretty careful analysis and various rigorous processes.

Jim Bridenstine, the NASA Admin. released the data during a Florida college-sponsored meeting and the announcement has triggered tons of excitement, not to mention benefits for Maxar.

Maxar shares, boosted by 20%

The company which is headquartered in Westminster, Colorado has witnessed a 20% increase in its shared following the announcement released by NASA.

The space agency also said that the firm-fixed-price award has a maximum total value of roughly $375 million.

Trump administration prioritizes sending people to the Moon

The Trump administration has made a priority from this project of sending astronauts to the Moon as soon as possible. The argument that has been given in this regard is related to the fact that the faster the astronauts will manage to touch the lunar ground, the quicker will the human species be able to land on Mars.

NASA plans to hurry the building of the space station in the lunar orbit – the lunar Gateway. They plan to complete the mission of sending astronauts in space earlier than previously intended.

Astronauts should be landing on the south pole of the Moon by 2024, and this is four years sooner than previously planned.

According to the latest reports coming from NASA, Maxar Tehcnologies Inc. would assist the project by “developing and building power, propulsion and communications elements for the moon mobile command and service section.”

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