Mars Missions Would Be Challenging – Studies On Tackling Cosmic Radiations, Food Lack, And Depression Are Needed

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The thought of sending astronauts on Mars is still on scientists mind, but the missions will be hard. At the World Science Festival from this year, a panel with experts has been made. They have discussed and propose some ideas and shown some details about a proper way to make the missions work. The scientists are even thinking of living in the underground, exercising in space, or also making bread on Mars.

From the May 29th event, a theme was proposed with the name “We Will Be Martians.” In this discussion, the Artemis project has been included, and what type of missions could support humans on Mars. At the event, journalist Lynn Sherr has been the one with the questions through the night.

The journalist had asked NASA’s engineer, Michelle Rucker about necessary details in proposing, planning and deciding a mission to Mars. The engineer said that the best situation for launching a spacecraft in the mission is when Earth and Mars are close to each other. That means that the probe will travel from our planet to Mars in nine months.

Mars Missions Would Be Challenging – Studies On Tackling Cosmic Radiations, Food Lack, And Depression Are Needed

However, Sherr has been asking the scientists what the crew will carry this time on Mars. Rucker is saying that water is essential for human life support and blocking radiation, so a lot of water will be taken. The Curiosity Rover is the largest spacecraft that had landed on Mars, and if the object carries humans, its weight will be twenty times heavy.

Also, NASA is taking in consideration the radiation issue, so having a lot of water with them; the astronauts can form a barrier from these radiation waves. On the other hand, after a study made by NASA on two twins astronauts, the scientist has realized how vulnerable the human body is when it is staying for an extended period of times in space. So the Space Agency has to pay attention to physical and mental health.

Finally, another concern for the missions on space is given by the storm dust and planetary season. These factors could destroy the walls and doors of the crew habitat. Also, they are taking into consideration the human microbiome that could change in space. And to top, all the information, cooking on Mars could be possible as well.

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