NASA Nominated The First Astronauts To Fly To The ISS With SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule

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NASA nominated the first astronauts to fly to the ISS (International Space Station) with the new SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. Accordingly, Mike Hopkins, 50, and Victor Glover, 43, were struggling with test incidents and outpouring design, but they are optimist, as all the obstacles are “part of the process,” so they are ready to fly into space. Despite all that struggle, the astronauts are confident that NASA’s new commercial partnerships will develop the capabilities and the safety of the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule.

Next, there would be Doug Hurley, 52, a space shuttle veteran, who will fly along with Bob Behnken, 48, later this year, aboard of the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule to the International Space Station and back, stated in the interviews for Reuters that it’s not like a glamorous walk into the space, but more like a messy camping trip.

The billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk owns SpaceX and successfully launched an uncrewed Crew Dragon to the ISS in March. After that test mission, Demo 1, the capsule was recovered after it safely landed in the Atlantic. In the next month, on April 20th, during a ground test of the SpaceX Crew Dragon, the capsule blew up as scientists were testing the events of launch failure and how to eject the capsule and its crew to safety from atop the rocket.

NASA Nominated The First Astronauts To Fly To The ISS With SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule

Bob Behnken said that that accident was an anomaly, and SpaceX and NASA are already working on it and they will make sure that that’s not going to happen again. The first nominated astronaut ready to fly into space with a SpaceX, Mike Hopkins, is not surprised about what happened and is very confident that “as long as you’ve got a good process, a good team put together, you can get through them.”

SpaceX has two brain-children, namely, the so-called SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule and the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, and their crewed launches will mark a great achievement in its quest to resume human space flight from the US soil. With NASA ending its space shuttle program in 2011, the astronauts used Russian-launched Soyuz spacecraft on missions to the ISS.

SpaceX and the rival Boeing are paid by NASA with almost $7 billion for each to construct rocket-and-capsule launch systems for transporting American astronauts to the International Space Station. The Boeing’s Starliner crew capsule is following SpaceX’s debut on crewed missions, and it’s expected a mission of transporting a team of astronauts to the space station in 2020.

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