There’s A Tiny Chance That An Asteroid Would Impact the Earth This Year

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A space rock that has twice the width of the asteroid that blew up in the air over Russia back in 2013 is going to travel at a close distance from Earth this year, in September, and astronomers say that there is a tiny chance that it could have a more significant impact than they initially thought. However, scientists say we should not worry as it almost definitely won’t impact Earth.

Asteroid 2006 QV89 has at the moment one in 7,000 chance of impacting the Earth on the morning of September the 9th, the European Space Agency says. The agency has listed the space object as the fourth most concerning asteroid on its top 10 list of cosmic items with a non-zero chance of colliding into our planet.

The present shape of the cosmic object’s orbit discloses that it is probably passing by Earth at a distance of more than 4.2 million miles (6.8 million kilometers) this September, but ESA states that there is a tiny one hundredth of one percent chance the model is further away and it will collide into the Earth instead.

There’s A Tiny Chance That An Asteroid Would Impact the Earth This Year

With a diameter of up to 164 feet (50 meters), it could be the kind of asteroid collision we only witness every few decades. NASA’s administrator latterly stated that we would see a few more impacts of the sort this century.

To have a better view on the odds that 2006 QV89 could collide with our planet, ESA has been recalculating images of the asteroid from earlier than a decade ago, but the fresh estimation has yet to change the possibility of a collision much.

But then, recent history has shown us that at times, the most troubling meteors are those there aren’t spotted. For instance, the massive asteroid that exploded thousands of windows in Russia six years back appeared from behind the shadow of our Sun and wasn’t even spotted by scientists until it was already crushing with the atmosphere of the Earth.

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