The Sun Enters The Solar Minimum Stage, NASA Announced

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NASA has announced that the Sun has reached the solar minimum stage with a surface which is unusually calm as the spots and flares seem to have vanished into thin air.

During a solar minimum, the amount of solar spots decreases considerably, and the magnetic field is also weaker, a change which allows cosmic rays to pass through the borders of our solar system and reach Earth. The phenomenon doesn’t carry any risks for those who live on Earth, but astronauts and satellites may be affected negatively.

A source which is deemed to be an authority in the scientific world has mentioned that the 16 days have passed since the last sunspots were seen- a clear hint that the solar minimum is already underway. Some people may believe that this period isn’t interesting, but this is not the case. This specific phase of the solar cycle leads to additional cosmic rays which can pierce through to atmosphere of the sun.

The Sun Enters The Solar Minimum Stage, NASA Announced

It is also expected that the atmosphere of our planet will undergo a cooling period while this phase lasts. Many climate change deniers will use the phenomenon as proof that global warming can be reversed without the need to take additional steps. This claim was debunked years ago since the atmosphere will be warmed up when the solar maximum will begin as the solar cycle continues.

When the solar maximum starts a large number of explosions will take place on the surface of the star. Solar eruptions are called prominences by the scientific community, and they can push a high amount of superheated gas into space, offering a beautiful spectacle.

In some cases, a sustained prominence may evolve into a Coronal Mass Ejection, which shoots a high amount of hot gas into the Solar System. The conditions which lead to the appearance of a solar prominence remained elusive. The waves of energy generated by CMEs are strong enough to mingle with communication networks

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