Dark Matter Is Lighter Than Expected, As New Experiments Revealed

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The Universe is full of dark matter, it is expanding, and it’s the most common form of matter. The dark matter represents about 85% of the Universe’s total matter, but we don’t know what it’s made of.

The scientists have a theory that the massive particles (WIMPs) are interacting and they are suspecting that they comprise dark matter. Because of that, scientists are making efforts to design some experiments with which they can look for dark matter.

The scientists think that the dark matter could be lighter or lower in mass, plus slighter in energy. The theory is that the dark matter is composed of ultralight particles called axions. But at the same time, they could not be composed of particles at all. They have proposed small-scale experiments to search for the dark matter particles with a mass smaller than a proton. The research and project are costing from $2 million to $15 million.

Recent Experiments Are Showing That the Dark Matter Is Lighter Than Expected

However, with this new project, they will search for lower-mass, and the final goal is to understand the nature of the dark matter from the Universe. Also, even the U.S Department of Energy has solicited and showed interest in proposals about new dark matter experiments. For searching for dark matters, there are some priorities.

The priority is to create and detect the dark matter particles from the mass of the proton and the associated forces. After that, they have to identify the galactic dark matter particles and to measure the protons with the ultrasensitive detectors. Also, the advancement in technology is allowing scientists to prove the existence of the dark matter and its ultralight mass.

Finally, the different technologies are possible to find low-mass dark matter and even rely on the measurement of a single particle of light, or other experiments can depend on a single atomic particle or a collective vibration from the atoms.

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