New Dinosaur Species, Notatesseraeraptor Frickensis, Discovered In Switzerland

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Paleontologists from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, brought to light a species of dinosaur that had never been thought to exist. The skeleton, which was well preserved, is that of a dinosaur that lived in the late Triassic period. It had all the characteristics of a carnivorous dinosaur, a predator most likely. The dinosaur had 2.5 meters (8.5 feet) in length.

Notatesseraeraptor Frickensis does not resemble any other dinosaur species

The dinosaur got his name, Notatesseraeraptor Frickensis, after the town in which it was found, Frick. Even though the skeleton was discovered in 2006, 13 years were needed to compile the results of the phylogenetic analysis and create the dinosaur’s phylogenetic tree. A phylogenetic tree produces the evolutionary connections between different species depending on likeness and distinctness in their physical or genetic typical features. It was discovered that the dinosaur’s characteristic features do not resemble any of the other dinosaurs.

What the paleontologists have noticed for the first time is the peculiarity of dinosaur’s skull. The skull appeared to be quite compelling from an evolutionary point of view. Notatesseraeraptor Frikensis is part of the theropods suborder, the first of them actually, represented by dinosaurs that have empty bones and three-toed legs and arms. They are bipeds, walking only on their two hind legs, just like a T-Rex. Being theropods, they were also carnivorous.

New dinosaur species found in Switzerland came as a pleasant surprise for scientists

In the town where the diggings were conducted, paleontologists found only Plateosaurus fossils. This is why the moment Notatesseraeraptor Frickensis was found, and it became very famous among scientists. The researchers dug out an almost complete skull, two articulated anterior limbs and the contents of its stomach. The contents of the abdomen revealed that the last meal the dinosaur had was a rhynchocephalian reptile named Clevosaurus.

A replica of the dinosaur was made and displayed at the dinosaur museum in Frick. This fossil, along with many other dinosaur fossils, is significant to comprehend and accept our planet’s past and future.

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