SpaceX Starhopper Is Getting Ready For The Future Mars and Moon Missions

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SpaceX has developed a rocket prototype, Starhopper, specially created for a future Mars mission, and it is soon to be tested in south Texas. The developing process of the spacecraft was not an easy task. The prototype has three legs, and it is stout which made workers spend eight months to get it ready, as well as the coastal launch site that will be needed for the testing. Stainless steel has been used in the creation of this prototype, and it looks like a badminton shuttlecock being enhanced by a next-generation Raptor rocket engine that SpaceX developed.

The founder of the rocket company, Elon Musk, has given the rocked ship – which measures six stories – the name of “Starhopper” because instead of fly into space, it has been created to jump to altitudes that can reach 4.8 km (3 miles). How will the testing event take place? Starship is a powerful launch system that measures 122 meters (400 feet), and it is the only one that can test the Starhopper.

SpaceX Starhopper Is Getting Ready For The Future Mars and Moon Missions

This vehicle is said by Musk and his company to make traveling to the Mars or the Moon possible for dozens of people, getting hundreds of satellites to the orbit at the same time and only take a few minutes to rocket people around the globe. The Starhopper has been fired up by SpaceX for the first time in April, a test that used large harnesses that look like bike chains on the legs of the rocket ship to secure it.

Afterward, the ship has been lifted a few meters off the ground and even a little higher during different tests. The launch that will take place next week will be entirely untethered. Elon Musk tweeted on Friday that the raptor engine was mounted on SpaceX Starhopper. The hopes are high for the engineers that think the SpaceX Starhopper will go up to 20 meters (65 feet) this time.

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