Specialists Discover A Method To Restore Partial Sight To Blind People​​

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Scientists made a groundbreaking discovery that brought back fractional sight in six blind people. The technique involves an implant that sends video images straight to the brain. Vision restoration, even if not total, was made possible with the participants’ eyes eluded, by a video camera stitched to glasses which transmitted footage to electrodes embedded in the brain’s visual cortex.

Alex Shortt, an University College London professor, and Optegra Eye Hospital surgeon,​ explained that this is a crucial development made by experts at Baylor Medical College in Texas and the University of California in Los Angeles.​

Shortt said that earlier trials to create a bionic eye concentrated on implanting into the eye itself. It demanded you to have a working eye, a functioning optic nerve. By bypassing the eye entirely, specialists open the potential up to more people. This development is a dramatic change for treating people with complete blindness, she added.

Blindness can now be partially treated

This technology has, however, not been proven on people born blind. The American team who conducted the study asked participants, which all have been completely blind for many years, to look at a dark screen and detect a white square that appeared randomly in different places on the screen. Most of the times, they could identify the square.

Paul Phillip, who has been blind for almost ten years, said that when he wears the glasses while walking, he can tell the difference between pavement and grass. He can also see where his white sofa is placed.

Study lead and neurosurgeon Daniel Yoshor said that his team is still a long way from what they hope and plan to achieve. This is an excellent time in neuroscience and neurotechnology, and the neurosurgeon said that he feels that within his lifetime, he and his team can restore functional sight to blind people.

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