Alien Life Might Be Real – Five Scientific Arguments To Support That Theory

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Humanity has been wondering if we are alone in the universe for decades. Our knowledge about what lies in space has improved considerably in the last decades, and the discovery of a massive number of exoplanets reinforces the theory that alien life could have also surfaced somewhere else.

Researchers continue to discover new species here on Earth while creatures which were once thought to be extinct have started to appear from the depths of the jungle and the dark waters of the sea. If life has found a way to withstand some of the deadlier conditions on Earth, is it likely that alien life forms have the same endurance.

Five Scientific Arguments That Alien Life Might Be Real


The well-known Search for Extra-Terrestrial Institute was created to explore space in an attempt to discover, analyze, and explore the traits and features of life encountered in our universe. Founded by Carl Sagan and Jill Tarter, two astronomers who are known across the world for their breakthrough discoveries, the institute works in partnership with NASA and other institutions.

Pentagon wants to learn more about UFO

A program known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was created in 2007 as the Pentagon wanted to learn more about incidents which involved high-velocity unidentified aircraft. A military expert confirmed the existence of the program.

The Navy Jet encounter

In 2004 a Navy jet came across what seemed to be a UFO during a training mission. The incident was kept a secret until 2018 when a video was released. The video shows a high-speed object which flies above water while pursuing an erratic trajectory. Of course, conspiracy theorists believe it as strong evidence that alien life is visiting us.


Acclaimed researcher Avi Loeb attracted the ire of the scientific community after arguing that Oumuamua, the famous object which traveled across our solar system, could have been an abandoned alien spacecraft.


As mentioned at the start of the article, space is filled with an unknown number of exoplanets, and it is thought that alien life could be encountered on the surface of some of them.

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