Apollo 11 Moon Landing Shocking Details Surface: Neil Armstrong Jeopardized The Mission With Fatal Error

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Yesterday, July 16 marked the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. There have been released various stories, documents, and news in order to mark the important event.

The mission was a complete success and everyone knows this, by Express.co.uk reveals that Sky News reported a fatal error that has been made by Neil Armstrong that could have jeopardized the mission big time.

After Armstrong and Aldrin have landed on the surface of the moon, Armstrong reportedly bumped into circuit breaker switch.

The circuit breaker is a vital piece of the equipment and if this had been broken the two astronauts could have been potentially stranded there on the moon.

Aldrin reportedly saved the day and the two of them were able to ascend back to the command module.

After his colleague bumped into the switch, Aldrin used a pen in order to engage the circuit breaker and trigger their ascent.

Collins speaks about the Apollo 11 mission 

According to the online publication mentioned above, starting a series of commemorative events yesterday, the third man who took part in the mission, Michael Collins, attended the Kennedy Space Center.

He made sure to mark the exact time when the flight took off, 9:32 am (1:32 am BST), Collins spoke of how he felt when the three-man crew began their mission.

He spoke to NASA TV and said: “The shockwave from the rocket power hits you. Your whole body is shaking. This gives you an entirely different concept of what power really means.”

About 400k people have worked on this mission and at the time the whole mission cost about $25 billion.

When Aldrin and Armstrong landed, there were about 650 million people who were watching.

Collins admitted that this mission was something enormous: “We felt the weight of the world on our shoulders, we knew that everyone would be looking at us, friend or foe.”

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