Broken Heart Syndrome Might Cause Cancer, New Research Showed

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A new study shows that one in six people that presented the broken heart syndrome also had cancer. Those that had cancer did not show any sign of emotional triggers for their heart symptoms. Researchers concluded that broken heart syndrome can be triggered by mental and physical stress and that psychological stress might not be the only inducing factor of the disease.

This disease is also dubbed Takotsubo syndrome and will start developing when the heart’s main chamber enlarges for a while, determining an abnormality in pumping the blood. As you might have figured out by now, this illness is to be taken seriously. The disease acts as a simulation for a heart attack, presenting different types of pain in the chest area and shortness of breath.

Even if the researchers believe that emotionally stressful events induce many cases, they also found out this illness might have direct contact with cancer.

Broken Heart Syndrome Might Cause Cancer

Senior author of the study, Christian Templin stated: “Patients with broken heart syndrome might benefit if screened for cancer to improve their overall survival. Our study also should raise awareness among oncologists and hematologists that broken heart syndrome should be considered in patients undergoing cancer diagnosis or treatment who experience chest pain, shortness of breath, or abnormalities on their electrocardiogram.”

The difference between those that don’t have cancer and those who do is that the broken heart syndrome patients with cancer were more likely to have experienced a physical trigger rather than an emotional one, even before they’ve also experienced heart symptoms.

The study was conducted on both men and women, and the results say that 90 percent of the majority of the subjects that presented broken heart symptoms were females. Researchers have yet to determine any link between the conditions would be related to a specific type of cancer.

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