SpaceX Starhopper Caught Fire During Test

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SpaceX Starhopper test vehicle, designed to be a small scale version of the real thing, was supposed to be a demonstration craft for Starship components. However, it caught fire due to a possible fuel leak. The night before saw it perform a successful static fire test.

SpaceX Starhopper Caught Fire During Test

SpaceX Starhopper has produced a current anomaly due to the successful static fire of its engines that was immediately followed by an immediate halt in operation. However, flames continued to burst from the base of the craft and totally enveloped it for a short time. Some say that the cause for the explosion was a deliberate fuel dump. This could have produced vapors that are lighter than air, which rose from the surface and caught fire.

But one thing is for sure. This was a small accident because engineers don’t usually want to see their spacecraft catch fire. This mishap could have the power to halt any further testing, for the moment at least. It all depends on how much of a priority the project has in Elon’s busy agenda.

SpaceX Found No Clear Cause For Starhopper Explosion

No apparent cause for the SpaceX Starhopper fire has been given, and it is unclear at this time if the craft has sustained any damage as a result. SpaceX could be looking at superficial or even catastrophic damage for their test vehicle. The images we have are inconclusive to assess much, in any sort of detail. SpaceX Starhopper is a scale version of the company’s Starship project, which is currently in development.

Its purpose was to perform tests in a live-fire setting and perform a series of short flights or hops – a mission objective that has provided a name for the craft. The assembly and operation of the craft are being performed in Boca Chica, Texas at a SpaceX facility. SpaceX Starhopper does not have a traditional look, but it is fully operational. It was scheduled for an untethered 20-meter hover test for next week, having already performed a series of short tethered flights successfully.

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