Full Green Corn Moon To Amaze Stargazers Of Vancouver In August

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Moon lovers and stargazers who live in Vancouver enjoyed a selection of beautiful lunar vistas in recent months, and a new event is on the horizon – full green corn moon.

In June they had a chance to observe the spectacular Strawberry Moon, which was followed by a remarkable Buck Moon in July. The various names are linked to an old tradition. The name of Buck Moon was inspired by the fact that the antlers of young bucks will begin to grow from their foreheads within this period.

In August, those who love the moon will have a chance to gaze at a Full Sturgeon Moon. Its name comes from Native American Tribes which observed sturgeon populations of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain. Over time, they learned that the best time to capture a generous amount of fish was when the moon shined fully. As with the other phenomena regarding the moon, there are a large number of alternative names, which vary from region to region.

Full Green Corn Moon To Amaze Stargazers Of Vancouver In August

In some areas, the Full Sturgeon Moon is known as the full green corn moon. It is also known that different tribes used different names for it. The San Ildefonso and San Juan called it a Wheat Cut Moon, Dakotah Sioux refer to it as the Moon When All Things Ripen, and Ojibwe knew it as the Blueberry Moon.

It is essential to take into account the fact that Local tribes gave distinctive names to all of the reoccurring full moons as they followed the change of seasons. Many of these names surfaced when the Native Americans started to interact with the colonialists.

There is also a selection of Native American names which have been translated into English. For example, the Cherokee called the Full Buck Moon the Ripe Corn Moon, while the Ponca referred to it as the Middle of the Summer Moon. One of the lengthiest names was coined by the Zuni, in the form of the Moon When Limbs of Trees Are Broken by Fruit. The full green corn moon will appear during the evening of August 14, and the full stage will be reached during the night at 5.31 A.M. on August 15.

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