SpaceX Shared Stunning Video Of Crew Dragon’s Parachute Test

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SpaceX shared with the rest of the world a video of some of the tests conducted on the company’s Crew Dragon parachute recovery system. The footage showed the multitude of methods SpaceX used to test Crew Dragon’s system.

One part of the video shows the parachute being operated from a cargo plane and then cast out at high altitude. Another section shows us the testing of parachutes from a balloon that was also flying at high altitude. A third part revealed another variant of Crew Dragon capsule descending from the sky towards the testing area while the multi-parachute bundle splits open.

The capsule is seen gently floating towards Earth the same way it should do when it carries astronauts back to the ground. There are other tests shown in the 2 minutes and 28 seconds of video footage. It would be a lie to say that Space X is not mastering the space transportation and production by creating some of the safest and advanced systems ever built.

Videos of the Crew Dragon parachute tests shared by SpaceX

SpaceX has been testing the parachute system for the Crew Dragon for some time, but apparently, they did not meet NASA’s standards. The new tests were deemed as good, which is a step forward to creating a system that is safe and fulfills all the requirements.

The Crew Dragon’s parachute system is not the only one that SpaceX is testing. The company is also testing other components of the spacecraft to meet the conditions for a human crew flight.

For some time, SpaceX has been planning that by the end of July 2019 Crew Dragon would have undergone its first crewed test mission. But in the light of the failed abort engine test from a few months ago, the possibility of a crewed test mission by December 2019 is almost equal to zero. Hopefully, Crew Dragon testing will run smoothly, and SpaceX is going to surprise us.

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