New India-China Partnership for Moon Exploration Mission

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A new partnership between China and India is settling in, as Beijing offered to join forces with New Delhi with the purpose of exploring the Moon. This might raise the relations between the two nations and develop a worldwide coalition to counter Washington’s ambitions for space exploration.

India-China Partnership For Space Exploration

After the launch of India’s Chandrayaan-2, its second lunar mission, a representative from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, stated that a potential partnership; between China and India or other foreign countries to explore space, can be done.

China’s mission dubbed Chang’e-4 successfully approached the furthest side of the Moon in January. Chungying declared that a partnership between the countries would spread a “shared mission of humankind” that would lead to a better understanding of the Moon and Universe as a whole.

This idea that came from China might be their way of securing better relations with New Delhi and prevent the monopolization that the U.S has begun to spread for the space exploration, analysts conclude.

Set for the Skies

Dr. Kai-Uwe Schrogl, President of the International Institute of Space Law, said that joint mission would be “very complicated.” This proposal from the Chinese government is more of a diplomatic prelude than a sustainable, ready-to-execute idea. This doesn’t eliminate the chance of them working together though.

“When you have strains in relations, you look for areas which are open for cooperation. One is culture, and the other is science,” Schrogl said. “I think it’s a logical move from China if they want to have better relations with India, that they propose activities in those fields.”

Counterattacking the U.S Space Dominance

If the two would eventually join sides, sharing technologies and cooperating on space missions, it would prove a worthy competition for the U.S. Bruce Gagnon, supervisor with Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, said: “Both China and India could also be interested in working together in order to preempt the US who also intends to travel to the Moon again very soon. The US wishes to establish a base on the Moon which it could use to exclude others.”

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