The Earth Rotates Slower, Which Could Mean More Earthquakes

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It is believed by scientists that we are in danger of being affected by significant earthquakes. This is due to the Earth slowing its rotation and the Moon distancing itself farther away from the planet.

The gravity of the Moon keeps oceanic tides in check, but over time, it distances itself from the planet. With measurements coming in at 1 and ½ inches per year. This means that its gravitational force affects the Earth’s body of water less and less.

What does it mean for humans?

As a result, Earth needs to shift its focus into reigning in the oceans with more of its own energy. In turn, this leads to a slower rotation around its own axis, causing unforeseen changes in the planet’s behavior.

Throughout its lifetime, a planet suffers countless changes within its chemical, physical, and electromagnetic properties. This usually means precious little for a planet, but even the smallest change can mean everything for a more sensitive species living on the surface.

Humans are perhaps the most sensitive species on Earth. This is due to several factors but other than the apparent loss of life, and humans would lose much of their infrastructure, which means that our way of life would be dramatically shifted.

Changes in planet Earth

Scientists believe that Earth’s core will be affected by a slower rotation. Leading to massive earthquakes as a result. During the 20th century, some evidence had been found that links 7.0 or higher magnitude earthquakes with the slowing of Earth’s rotation.

During the periods where the planet’s rotation slowed, the number of massive earthquakes doubled and intensified with around 15 earthquakes per year usually recorded in times of stability.

You will be happy to know that this shift might happen billions of years in the future, so no issues any time soon. It has been calculated that one month will be around 47 days as a result of a slower rotation.

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