Moon Water: UK Scientists Plan To Find Water And Put People On The Moon By 2050

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Water on the Moon is something essential in the quest to establish a permanent human presence on the lunar orb.

UK scientists are planning to make all this come true by 2050.

Water on the Moon is crucial 

Water on the moon is vital because it will provide future settlers with various crucial resources that will range from the much-needed hydration to rocket fuel.

Water on the moon would also allow the creation of oxygen for breathing and hydrogen for fuel.

Before this is possible, writes that it’s important that experts better understand where water on the moon is located and stored.

In order to be able to achieve this, experts at the University of Surrey and the Surrey Space Center are working on cheap and miniatured satellites in order to analyze the lunar surface.

The online publication reveals to its readers that Professor Craig Underwood, head of the Sensors and Platform Systems Group at the Surrey Space Centre, spoke to about Surrey’s contribution to a race back to the Moon.

It is also highlighted the fact that due to the Apollo program, NASA has been able to make a lot of vital discoveries about the Moon’s composition and environment as well.

Moon’s poles could hide water 

Underwood seems to believe that the Moon’s poles are most like hiding deposits of water.

The online publication noted that if all this is true, the small box-sized satellites known as CubeSats built at Surrey could be deployed around the Moon in order to chart its polar surfaces with lasers.

“The big game-changer for the Moon happened post-Apollo. The results from Apollo showed us the rocks are incredibly dry,” according to Underwood.

“The indications of water on the Moon – not a direct discovery – that’s the mission we’re working on at Surrey. It’s a European mission to the Moon using a CubeSat to go and probe those regions with a laser from lunar orbit, and to map really accurately where those deposits are.”

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