NASA’s SOHO Reportedly Spotted A Planet-Sized UFO Around The Sun

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NASA currently has an active mission to study the structure and atmosphere of the Sun in our system. The mission is called Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). The craft NASA has sent to orbit the Sun has been there for two decades, and it has helped the agency immeasurably to understand the solar activity. The violent activity generated by the Sun is the cause for flares and storms that could severely affect humans exploring the system and on Earth as well. SOHO reportedly snapped a planet-sized UFO around the Sun, or at least that’s what Scott Waring, a UFO enthusiast, believes.

Solar anomaly or a planet-sized UFO

It is believed by UFO hunter Scott Waring that the SOHO mission has made its most significant discovery to this day. He has identified a planet-sized spacecraft in one of the images sent back to NASA by the SOHO probe. Waring has been critical of himself before claiming to discover a giant UFO orbiting the Sun. He has stated that he first brushed off the sighting as being a magma flare from the surface or some kind of anomaly.

Further investigation has made the UFO hunter firmly believe that the object, in the image of the Sun, looks to perfect to be natural. He identified a series of right angles that are not usually found in nature. As a civilization, we build in right angles for the sake of efficiency and flexibility.

The alleged UFO has ten times the size of Earth

When zoomed in, the object appears as a large dot around the Sun’s orbit. This is obviously disappointing for the average Joe, but it is what our current technology allows astronomers to view. Pretty much a series of dots in space. Judging by the Sun’s known radius, the large dot in its orbit has been approximated to be ten times the size of Earth.

Waring states that building such a craft would not be difficult for a race that has had millions, if not billions of years to evolve in intelligence. Whether the object is an impossibly giant UFO or not, it still exists on the solar scan. Because of this reason alone, an object that is so close to the surface of the Sun merits an investigation with an open mind.

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