Massive Asteroid 2006 QQ23 Will Fly Near Earth On August 10th

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An asteroid warning left us intrigued, curious and scared. Is this an apocalypse now or later? It is announced how some rock huger than the all so-known Empire State Building will shoot towards our planet.

News about an asteroid so huge that its dimensions were compared to the famous Empire State Building, surfaced all over the world. The asteroid declared with the status of possibly dangerous is reaching towards our planet this week. The asteroid, also known as Asteroid 2006 QQ23, is making quite the stir, putting people in a state of fear.

It is, however, expected to pass our planet within a week. Anyhow, words like, possibly, quite near, passing, and so on, still let people’s imagination to cause them real troubles. As if it is not true, right? Who would want a meeting with an asteroid, even if it is a pass over?

There is no reason to fear about Asteroid 2006 QQ23

The astronomic object is estimated to have its dimension somewhere between 550-570 meters in diameter and it represents one of the asteroids from the team of other asteroids that happen to pass the Earth, every single year. The scientists from NASA, like Lindley Johnson and Kelly Fast, gave information that the rock, which it has given the name of possibly dangerous, will not hit in any circumstance. Earth.

Fast also declared that this one of the situations when we absolutely do not have to take fear in our thoughts and mind, because it represents a type of a benign one. What’s curious and intriguing though, is how the asteroid will pass Earth at the incredible distance of 7,4 million kilometers on 10th of August.

But if we take into consideration what the damages could have been, we think pretty big, because it could have easily destroyed a huge part of our planet.

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