Icy Exoplanets Might Be Habitable, New Research Showed

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Have you ever imagined snow on somewhere else than Earth? Yes, hard to imagine and to believe, as well. But, could an exoplanet with some snow, can satisfy your desires? New discoveries bring us closer to a snowman from outer space. According to scientists, icy exoplanets might be habitable.

Astronomers took into consideration as the first insight for a new exoplanet discovered, if it offers a somehow opportunity to be habitable. They run some tests to find that out by analyzing its temperatures and if the exoplanet permits liquid water. As they always stated, the temperature of a planet is critical to declare its status. They also base all their tests on this criterium.

New research shows something quite intriguing that icy, frozen like areas with completely iced waters could detain somewhat habitable locations that remain, absolutely fit for human habitation.

Icy Exoplanets Might Be Habitable

The research followed the CO2 running for an exoplanet and what it’s the exact result, to affect it, for the area’s temperature. You can find the research in the AGU’S Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. Possible icy exoplanets could be in a way or another, something more like our planet, with a single difference, that of the frozen oceans everywhere to the equator.

It’s also different from a frozen period, in such terms when a glacier increases and polar froze parts grow, from time to time, developing in a thickness of entire kilometers long. Imagine, in a frozen period, aka ice age, and the equatorial water keep themselves clean of ice.

Our exoplanet, however, could be more systematically iced than that. On an iced exoplanet, all the waters are filled with snow, even other equatorial waters. Researchers though, keep their opinion about them to be livable, just because there’s no liquid water on the area.

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