NASA’s new achievement. Two small autonomous spacecraft successful orbiting Earth

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We have written this article to tell you more about NASA’s Small Spacecraft Technology Program and one recent achievement in particular. Keep reading if you are interesting.

All you need to know about the two Water Powered Spacecraft

Well, we want to talk to you about the fact that NASA recently sent into Orbit two small spacecraft that could communicate with each other via radio communication. One of them had the ability to make the other one following its instructions. What the second spacecraft had to do was to fire the water-powered thruster and after that, to approach the “boss” spacecraft.

This is the result of NASA’s constant work and efforts to develop small spacecraft that can function autonomously and that can serve at space exploration. The demonstration was successful and it encouraged NASA to work on more projects like this in the future.

The program manager of the Small Spacecraft Technology gave us more details about this mission. He thinks that the recent demonstration is just one step of the bigger plan to improve NASA’s technology and to stimulate space operations.

The system behind the successful achievement

The system was carefully created in order to achieve its goals. The experts initiated a sequence and then the spacecraft did the rest. The “boss” spacecraft was able to give only authorized commands which were rigorously planned by the specialists.

A NASA official let us know that they will work on more autonomous spacecraft. In the future, we could see drones that will successfully follow authorized instructions and algorithms.

With every small step, NASA will plan more and more space missions. Their complexity will gradually increase and the results will be very satisfying.

We can’t wait to see what will be the next mission and what the future of autonomous spacecraft will look like.

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