8 Repeating Signals Detected in Space – Mysterious Radio Waves

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Recent times have been marked by the apparition of strange radio signals from space called FRBs. This designation stands for Fast Radio Bursts. FRBs are usually recorded only once but scientists have catalog 8 continuous signals from space.

One of the repeating signals has been noticed at the beginning of 2019 and it has been designated as FRB 121102. A second signal followed shortly with the designation of FRB 180814.

Mysterious radio waves

FRBs that are being transmitted and detected on a regular basis are increasing in frequency. This turn of events is baffling scientists worldwide. The bursts are being detected as radio waves and are just a couple of milliseconds in length of transmission.

Even more puzzling, it is being said that these radio bursts could release more energy than 500 million stars the size of the Sun. If given enough time. Because most FRBs are only transmitted and detected one, tracking them to their origin is made quite difficult.

Furthermore, the extremely short duration of such a burst means that telescopes need to be positioned just right to be able to pick them up. This is why scientists are stressing the importance of repeat signals.

FRB frequency

The frequency of the FRBs is varied. As none of them actually ping extremely often. One of the radio bursts has been recorded to ping 10 times on a periodical basis. Another has not shown much activity for a prolonged period of time but it proceeded to ping in quick succession at one moment in time.

With the lowest amount of pings for an FRB coming in at 3 times and the longest period between the pings recorded to be 20 hours. All of this data cannot be explained at this time as the significance of the frequencies is not known.

The unknown

FRBs have been compared to the continuous seismic readings that come from the Earth’s core. Making these fast radio bursts the volcanic activity of space. It is believed that the bursts are coming from very distant points in space, possibly from other galaxies. And one thing that is widely excepted is that a radio wave is a form of energy or radiation.

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