Ancient Jupiter Collided With A Giant Planet 4,5 Billion Years Ago

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The fact that Jupiter suffered a pretty massive impact with a planet, it matters nowadays more than scientists thought. An incident like that could have made Jupiter the planet it is today. More about Jupiter’s past, we are going to find out from the latest study released on this matter.

We know Jupiter for quite a long time now, and we will always appreciate it more, because of its infinity greatness, right? Well, it is known that Jupiter makes quite an appearance in the outer space, with incredibly huge dimensions, being covered in a cloud of mystery. How so? Jupiter, according to astronomers, it is made of gas, like totally veiled, and this fact makes it almost entirely hidden out there. For researchers, analyzing Jupiter could be hard work to do.

Anyway, because we have the unlimited knowledge of NASA, we could understand a thing or two about one of the recent discoveries. NASA’s incredible Juno spacecraft has the most challenging mission to observe and study Jupiter.

Giant Planet Collided With Ancient Jupiter 4,5 Billion Years Ago

Juno has been doing this since 2010, and until now, scientists couldn’t receive much information. Jupiter’s core has been recently exposed, meaning Juno succeeded to get some details about it. The spacecraft came with intriguing scans about the planet’s core, and things just got a weird and little bit hard to understand.

Well, if we listen to what the scientists stated, we can get a close insight into the situation. NASA explained that what did they discovered is a real challenge because they didn’t expect for Jupiter’s core to be like that at all.

However, they further stated that after some simulation tests of ancient Jupiter, they found what that a massive impact happened almost 4,5 billion years ago! The unknown object that hit the planet was supposedly huge, and it surpassed all the structures of Jupiter. The impact for sure did change the dense core once Jupiter had.

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