New Research Might Help Scientists Locate Upcoming Black Holes

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Despite the evolution of science and technology, black holes continue to remain an enigma. Nonetheless, it appears that researchers are making quite a bit of progress. A new model could help scientists find black hole “nurseries”, where black holes might emerge.

The binary black holes systems are detected with the help of gravitational waves since 2015. Now some researchers from the University of Birmingham and Johns Hopkins University published a new study which suggests a new model.

“As black holes merge, they form heavier remnants. If these remnants pair with other black holes and generate gravitational waves, they could potentially provide a detectable population of binaries with one or both component masses in the mass gap,” they explained.

Where can we find black hole nurseries?

Researchers also explained how these environments might look like. The calculations are quite accurate when it comes to determining the locations.

“Star clusters – groups of stars that are bound together by gravity – might act like black hole nurseries, providing an ideal environment to grow generations of black holes,” adds astrophysicist Davide Gerosa. “But in order to know what type of star clusters are most likely to be capable of producing these, we first need to know something about the physical conditions that would be needed.”

This is a revolutionary step forward and researchers are confident that their findings will be very useful in the future. The model remains a simple one, but scientists plan to improve it further. The research will appear in Physical Review D. “Gravitational-wave astronomy is revolutionising our understanding of the Universe,” says Gerosa. “We are all waiting for upcoming results from LIGO and Virgo to put these and other astrophysical predictions to the test.” We are anxiously waiting to see what will be discovered next.

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