SN2016iet, a shocking supernova that took a team of scientists by surprise

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The scientists are sometimes taken by surprise by their discoveries. That happened recently for a couple of scientists who were surprised after they discovered a record-shattering supernova. Keep reading if you want to know all the details about it.

Here‘s what we found out from a recent study

In a new study, we are able to read the statements of some scientists who discovered a supernova, but that’s not all. They were so impressed by the fact that the explosion of the stars was enormous that they even thought for a second that there was something wrong with their equipment.

More about the explosion

The massive explosion is known as SN2016iet and was observed for the first time in 2016. The astronomers needed some time to figure out what was happening. A phenomenon like this doesn’t happen too often, so they had to analyze all the facts and to observe it carefully.

However, SN2016iet is still a mystery for them. They can’t understand everything that happened with this supernova.

Now, we want to tell you the results of their study because they have reached some conclusions, even if some things have remained unclear.

The cause of the blast

The scientist believe that the cause of the explosion was another star. They also said that this star is 200 times as massive as the Sun. That’s really unbelievable.

The team told us that all supernovas are different in their own way, but this one was pretty unique. They decided to continue the observation because they want to find out more about SN2016iet and the big explosions that might happen in the future. They need to be sure that they have everything under control.

This is all we got for you so far, but we’ll definitely keep you updated on this important topic. We hope that the team will find all the answears to their questions very soon.

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