NASA news: Chief says that NASA is on track to land on the Moon

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NASA is on its way towards landing the first woman and the next man on the moon, making huge progress towards the world’s future manned missions to Mars.

Great progress

Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator, is certain that NASA’s Artemis program is a great step towards extending Humanity’s reach into space. Last Friday mr. Bridenstine paid a visit to NASA facilities in Louisiana and Alabama where the space agency is working on their space launch system. NASA says that the SLS is the world’s most powerful rocket. This new launch vehicle will transport astronauts to the Moon, Mars and even further out into our solar system.

Mr Bridenstine stated: “This rocket will send astronauts aboard our Orion spacecraft to the Gateway under the Artemis programme.”

Mars is closer than ever

“Our new deep-space transportation system is the backbone for lunar surface exploration and will pave the way for human exploration of Mars,” he added.

The Artemis programme will be humanity’s first flight back to the Moon since the last landing that took place in 1972 (Apollo 17).

The goal of the Artemis programme is to establish a persistent and sustainable presence on the Moon.

“As you may know, we awarded a contract to Maxar Technologies to design, develop, launch and demonstrate the power and propulsion system by 2022, which is managed out of NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Ohio.” – Jim Bridenstine.

NASA aims to finish the construction of the lunar base by 2028.

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