Asteroid Bennu Has Something NASA Didn’t See It Coming

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The interesting news about NASA’s recent discovery took us by storm. They succeeded to identify another asteroid, one that they didn’t expect it to be so important. Asteroid Bennu came with some pretty strong never seen before things, letting NASA itself in awe.

NASA’s scientists identified asteroid Bennu with the help of some of high resolutions photos. Bennu offered some insights that the scientists really didn’t think about them. It seems that the asteroid is made after all of the rocks, a total surprise for everyone, considering their theories that it was actually formed of sand.

The unveiled detail could have been a threat for the next lander, Osiris, that landed later on its surface. An Osiris-Rex probe, however, took some time to analyze the asteroid Bennu by mapping its area. By collecting a sample of sand from the asteroid’s surface, scientists proved that the area is actually a ‘beach-like’ territory. Also, the Osiris-probe successfully touched the immediacy of the asteroid on December 2018.

NASA discovered something puzzling about Asteroid Bennu

What’s more interesting is that the 20 feet mechanism has the incredible skill to go up to 19,000 mph, scientists being very optimistic about it for future missions. Rich Burns, NASA’s chief, stated that the astonishing in-flight routine proved that they would be ready to face any next challenge that the rocky area of Bennu will provide. He also praised his extremely devoted team of scientists.

For their future actions, the scientists are searching for a landing area that contains some grain material less than 1 inch in dimension, which would represent one of the most significant samples to bring back to Earth since the Apollo mission.

Four landings areas were successfully discovered and analyzed by scientists, with just two area prepare to be unveiled in December. The probe will also help identify any future potential risks that could represent a real threat.

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