The US Plans to Launch Nuclear Reactors to Space

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The US crazy plans or what to do when Earth couldn’t provide you anymore a safe place for your nuclear industry. With a world in a total knot of disasters, the US thinks it can do more. If this will matter or it will have a real impact, we are going to find out! Considering the struggle of the US nuclear energy industry, we still can’t understand how they could think of such an idea of launching some nuclear reactors to space.

Yes, it is something quite intriguing and fascinating, also brave and innovative, but which are the chances for this project to succeed? The US plans of sending nuclear reactors to space began with a problem stirred up by political mistrust. The fact that the costs of eliminating nuclear waste-maintenance are pretty high, and also the existing market of low-cost natural gas, increased the US chances to plan such a mission.

The US Plans to Launch Nuclear Reactors to Space

We can already imagine how in just a few years, the US will be sending some nuclear reactors to our neighbors, Mars and even Moon. As an advanced team of researchers stated, there will surely be some interventions and even collaborations, from the US Department of Energy, and the great NASA. The team also declared that the chances of launching nuclear reactors to space are very high right now, being just a matter of time until a first phase of the mission will start.

However, the Kilopower project, as it was named, is actually a close-term expertise exertion to improve initial notions and technologies that could be used for a reasonable division nuclear power structure to allow long-duration visits on planetary surfaces, according to NASA. What the mission need is an experimental division reactor to control crewed bases on Mars or Moon, letting scientists remain and work for as long as they need.

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