Canadian Astronomers Spotted Mysterious Radio Signals From Outer Space, Possibly Linked To Alien Life

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Let’s face it, and we can’t get over anything alien-related. Alien life always made us curious, intrigued, and even scared, but one thing is sure, we want them to be real 100%, right? Let’s find out how Canada, this time, came up with its most excellent story so far, which involves the perfect team of scientists and some interesting radio signals.

Recent news about Canada’s discovery resurfaced worldwide, making us wonder if there is a way for us to really interact with other human-like entities from outer space. Canadian astronomers have just bumped into something mysterious and yet, fascinating. They received some radio signals with outer space provenience. And now, we all wonder, is this a real poof of some alien life or is just a fantasy?

Further information, however, was provided. The so-called mysterious radio signals are what the scientists called FRB, short for Fast Radio Bursts, which are believed to come from some yet undiscovered source in the outer space.

Mysterious Radio Signals From Outer Space And Their Possible Connection With Alien Life

FRBs also represent little blasts of radio waves that could only exist for few milliseconds at a time. Everything was possible though, with the help of Canada’s CHIME radio telescope from British Columbia. Scientists succeeded to identify the significant number of eight FRBs on our planet.

Pragya Chawla, McGill Space Institute Ph.D. student, comes with the best explanations yet. He stated that identifying the great number of eight sources like that represent an important goal, only because the FRBs will help us very much to discover the galaxies where these are coming from by following them up.

FRBs are defined as signals 1,000 times slower than an actual mobile device. In 2007 identified for the first time this type of signal, covered in a 2001 data set gathered by the Parkes Observatory from New South Wales, Australia.

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