Dark Energy Is NOT The Fifth Fundamental Force, According To New Research

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Is Dark Energy the fifth fundamental force of Nature? That’s the question. Because dark energy seems to play a massive role in the development and expansion of our Universe, many scientists believe that it may be the fifth fundamental force of nature, along with gravity, electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear force.

Although it’s mostly unknown and unexplainable, dark energy is the phenomenon that causes the Universe to expand at an ever-accelerating rate. A recent experiment performed at Imperial College London tested the possibility of dark energy getting involved at an atomic level.

But surprisingly for the scientists, they found no trace of the Dark Energy in such conditions. Researchers concluded that using two large weights would mean that the force becomes too weak to be measured, so instead, they tested a large mass with minimal pressure, almost literally – a single atom. So if the fifth fundamental force of Nature existed, it should have been observed.

According To New Research, Dark Energy Is NOT The Fifth Fundamental Force

The scientists used an atom interferometer to see that there is any extra force acting on the atom. If any additional effects were working between the atom and the sphere which was inserted into a vacuum chamber, the atom’s route would have deviated a bit. But that was not the case.

So dark energy is not the fifth fundamental force of nature, according to the experiment from the Imperial College London. But what is it? Why does it exist?

Why does it cause our Universe to expand so much, maybe forever? Humanity didn’t find answers to those questions yet. All we know for sure is that without Dark Energy, there is a significant chance that the Universe might have collapsed back in its own gravitation like a different event to the Big Bang, disappeared forever and we couldn’t be here to ask one another what is Dark Energy.

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