Amazon Wildfires Are Causing Carbon Monoxide to Rise in the Atmosphere

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The data are coming from NASA’s Atmospheric Infrared Sounder – AIRS, which is the instrument that is showing the movement of the carbon monoxide. After the fire started in Brazil, the Aqua satellite has shown the map of carbon dioxide from each day. The carbon monoxide has raised on an altitude of 5.500 meters starting with 8 August 2019 until the last day of measurements (22 August 2019).

However, the problem is that the plume is growing from the Northwest of the Amazon to the Southeastern region of the country. The plume will become more concentrated than before. NASA measures the carbon dioxide from each day in a series of three days. Looking at the map, we have the green part that is showing the concentration of the carbon monoxide. Green means the level is around 100 parts per billion in volume speaking. The yellow portion is about 120 parts per billion, and the dark-red part means around 160 parts per billion of carbon monoxide.

Amazon Wildfires Are Causing Carbon Monoxide to Rise in the Atmosphere

If the levels of carbon monoxide are measured locally, the values can go higher. Besides this, we are facing a problem with pollution. When speaking about the carbon monoxide that is also traveling on vast distances, it means that we can have it in our atmosphere for approximately a month. The more significant issue is not when the carbon is on a higher altitude, but when it’s low. If strong winds carry the carbon monoxide and it stays flat, then the air we breathe is affected.

Because of the carbon monoxide, the quality of the air is affected, pollution is high, and finally, the climate is affected, and some changes will happen. Finally, AIRS is taking action alongside with the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU) for measuring the infrared and microwave radiation from our planet. All the climate and weather changes will be seen with the instruments.

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