Massive Statue of a Face Unearthed by Google Earth in Antarctica

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A recent discovery of a -what it seems to be- human-made carving that resembles a massive face was done through Google Earth in Antarctica. A clip was uploaded on an Instagram conspiracy channel “ufo_scandinavia,” that shows peculiar footage in which a strange structure rises from the snow.

The clip posted on the Conspiracy dedicated Instagram account reveals a man is zooming in and showing a mysterious sight to the beholders. The clip was filmed while using the Google Earth app and that caught on a weird “structure” that appeared to have all the humanoid defining features, like a mouth, nose, and eyes (one seemingly being eroded).

Owners of “ThirdPhaseOfMoon” YouTube channel, Blake and Brett Cousins, have started to share some of their opinions on the matter too. “It appears to be a massive, ancient structure of some kind of face that is being revealed for the first time on Google Earth, I would have to concur that whatever we’re looking at resembles some sort of megastructure,” said Blake in his video.

Google Earth Shows A Massive Statute of a Face in Antarctica

An interesting question popped in Brett’s head: “Could this be something that was left behind by the ancient civilizations of Antarctica? Ice melting could be revealing structures that would baffle the world.”

The strange face-looking structure can be accessed while entering the following coordinates: 72°00′ 36.00″ S, 168° 34′ 40.00″ E. A lot of people saw the video with the unusual sight, and a lot of them seem to think that the shape is distinctive and it resembles a Viking with a helmet on its head.

“That is not a natural thing that mother nature made by wind and cold. Looks like a Viking,” one wrote. Metal helmet with the nose piece running down the upper part.”

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