NASA Shed More Light On Hot Jupiter Exoplanets, In A New Study

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In recent years a large number of exoplanet types been encountered. Hot Jupiter exoplanets have piqued the interest of a large number of people.

Hot Jupiters are set apart by their remarkable traits, which are different in comparison to other planets which can, within our solar system. As the name may infer, these exoplanets are similar to Jupiter. The main difference stems from the fact that they are considerably warmer. They are hooter because they tend to orbit at a closer distance to their host star.

A study which was conducted with the help of the Spitzer and Hubble telescope has revealed astonishing detail about the hot Jupiter exoplanets. Since the hot Jupiters tend to orbit in the proximity of their star, they are also tidally locked to it. These means that one half is always oriented towards the star while the other is shrouded in darkness. Many researchers believed that the considerable variations in temperature which are encountered on the sunlit side of the planets infer that there is the same can phenomenon will take place on the dark side.

NASA experts learn more about hot Jupiter exoplanets

According to the study, this is not the case s dark side temperatures tend to be night side consistent among hot Jupiters. The researchers explored 12 hot Jupiters during the research and observed that the dark side featured an average temperature of approximately 800 degrees Celsius. The new data goes against current atmospheric models and suggests that other natural mechanisms could have a study influence.

The atmospheric models anticipated that temperatures on the dark side would be a bit more varied that they seem to be. What makes the results even more impressive is the fact that each of the planets which were observed during the study received a different amount of radiation and temperatures varied by up to 1700 degrees Celsius in the sunlit areas.

A natural insulation mechanism maintains its proximity of that the constant temperatures encountered on the dark side.

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