SpaceX Starhopper Test Made Boca Chica Residents Angry

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SpaceX has recently tested a new rocket prototype named Starhopper. It slowly climbed to 152 meters (or 500 feet) from the launch pad located in Brownsville, Texas. After traveling across a distance of 198 meters (650 feet) it landed on a platform, completing the low-altitude test.

The rocket engine which was evaluated during the test will play an essential role in the development of a heaby0duty Starship rocket. The reusable two-stage booster is quite large, and it will be used to reach distant targets, among which we can count a journey to the Red Planet.

According to the schedule, the test of the prototype, which looks like a massive water tower with four support legs should have taken place on Monday. However, the test was delayed after engineers discovered that one of the engines was affected by a wiring issue which stopped the countdown before ignition.

Boca Chica residents annoyed by SpaceX Starhopper test

A small number of people who live in the nearby village of Boca Chica, which is located at approximately one mile from the test site were encouraged by the authorities to leave their homes during the test period. Sirens could be heard before the test began.

As expected, the citizens had their own opinions about the test. One of them stated that it was nice to see that everything went according to plan, especially after the test was delayed. The local deputies shared notices which informed the residents that an overpressure event could crack the windows of their homes.

A friendly local invited journalists to her home and stated that the event is quite exciting. Some residents weren’t as pleased and noted that road closures and constant public notices are quite annoying. The local beach cannot be visited when a test will take place. An official SpaceX employee mentioned that the next objective is to test the engine on the ground while it is placed on a stationary test stand.

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