Why Climate Change Can Be Deadly for HIV Patients?

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Climate change is a thing, a burning issue that the modern world has to face in response to pollution. However, some vulnerable groups, like HIV patients, are more affected by this unstoppable phenomenon.

This year on 15 March, Cyclone Idai hit the nation by devastating homes, causing landfall, flooding and hundreds of human losses.

The extreme weather events raises concerns for any healthy person, but for people living with HIV, the calamities hit at a different level. Some of them watched helplessly as the invading waters take their medication away. They waited to be rescued, counting every minute, as the symptoms were getting worse. Moreover, severe weather ceased communication ways. According to estimates, on 19 March almost 100,000 people required help, but the heavy rain and strong winds left all 17 of the city’s hospitals and health clinics in a poor state.

The Second Disaster Came Soon

Weeks later, on 25 April, another calamity burst in northern Mozambique. The two cyclones made almost 2.2 million victims amongst the citizens of Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique.

Mumtaz Mia, the acting UNAIDS Country Director, stated that the main mission is to provide the patients with HIV and the pregnant women, that are part of the programs of prevention concerning mother-to-child HIV transmission, the necessary treatment and medication.

People living with HIV were left stranded when their medicine got washed away.

Authorities Actions

As a response to the weather events, Ms Mia and her team called together the representatives of the government, donors, civil society, and other associates. They took quick action for the people with HIV by providing everything that was needed. With the help coming from the Ministry of Health and Child Care, UNAIDS Cosponsors and National AIDS Council, they succeeded to deliver food provisions, antiretroviral medicines, condoms and assistance at childbirth.
Health authorities seek better prevention measures for people living with HIV during natural disasters.

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