It’s Time to Shake off Stress If You Find Yourself In These Situations

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A healthy mind in a healthy body is an ancient quote that becomes harder and harder to follow in our stressful times. While we can take care of the body by sticking to a proper diet and exercise, the first signs of mental illness are hard to tell. Stress is said to be a silent killer, having the main culprit for headaches, anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. Here are a bunch of tips and tricks I’ve collected for you. 

Outsmart Problems

If you feel like you’ve reached the bottom and problems are flash flooding your life, you probably have to deal with a dangerous cocktail – family, job, financial issues, etc. 

It is okay to feel overwhelmed. But don’t be passive-aggressive with the problem. The more you let it live in the back of your mind, the more upsetting it becomes. Problem-solving strategies work better in your case. Take the lead.  

Think of Your Loved Ones

Make your friends, family, or your significant other your ‘support structure.’ If you open up about what burdens you, you will find yourself having a clear mind and a different perspective on it. 

Andrew Kinder, an occupational psychologist and a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy said: 

When people open up, they’re often overwhelmed by how much support is available to them.

Sleep Is Bliss

 That long busy to-do list that you write every morning may impact your night sleep and consequently, your productivity. Stress alters the quality and quantity of sleep.

Don’t push your limits so hard. You and your health are all you’ve got. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks, in the long-term, either your work or your health will suffer the consequences. Take a nap once in a while. Assure your schedule with 7-8 hours of rest every night. 

If you cannot get enough rest, this can be due to more severe issues such as anxiety or insomnia. But don’t worry, as such mental health-related problems can be overcome with the help of experts such as the professionals at BetterHelp. These issues have certain causes and once you get to their roots, they can be eliminated and you can enjoy a higher quality of life.

Work, Work, Work..

Our society seems obsessed with work, isn’t it? Sometimes calling someone a ‘workaholic’ is rather a compliment than an insult. Because people tend to define others based on their career and wages. It’s a vicious cycle that pushes us to want more from our job. But when ‘more’ is too much actually?

If you assume that you can be productive every hour spent working, if you started to see yourself and your life in the reflection of your work – you are going on the wrong path, buddy.  Your work does not define you. You can’t be productive every single day. You are humanly imperfect.

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