Elon Musk: Is Starship Leaving in Six Months?

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Elon Musk wants humans to become an interplanetary species. He believes we can do it. With his new spaceship, we can reach that goal. At their facility in Boca Chica, Texas,  Musk gave details about the future of the Mars rocket that can carry humans to the Red Planet one day. Musk said that this was one of the most inspiring things he had ever seen.

After he has taken a look at the construction history of SpaceX, Musk talked about the specs of the Starship. We should also say that the 28th of September is the date that marks 11 years since SpaceX first made it into the orbit.

So what should we expect next?

This specific mission to Mars is a must for SpaceX. About three years ago, Musk first talked about his idea to get humans on Mars with a two-stage, reusable rocket. They talked more about this craft in the original proposal. It’s something that is now done, you can see it, and even touch it – it’s a tangible object. But that was not really the problem; getting it to fly is quite challenging.

The prototype vehicle was named Starhopper and has already completed two low-altitude flights, with a single Raptor engine. The next thing on the list is to get the triple-engine prototype Mk1 to fly, at about 20km. Then there’s the second prototype, Mk2, which is currently being built in Florida. Musk said that an Mk3 prototype would also meet a construction date, and it would be finished in three months.

Elon Musk said that the idea to try and reach the orbit in less than six months is crazy. Deadlines are not always respected. If the construction goes in the future as it does not, the craft they will use to get in space would be an Mk4 or even an Mk5.

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