How Your Online Gaming Success is Associated with your Location

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As online gaming continues its march to dominating the gaming scene, it becomes increasingly important to understand the issues which players face. While an offline game only has the host device to concern itself with, online games are another beast entirely.

From latency to legal issues, from first-person shooters to roulette and slot, to get the best experience there are a few things which players need to keep in mind. These will only become even more important in an increasingly gaming-focussed future, so learning now will mean better success going forward.

Latency Over Distance

Internet bandwidth has increased near exponentially over the last few decades, but there are limits in the case of latency. For those not in the know, bandwidth refers to the quantity of data which can be sent and received at a time. Latency, on the other hand, refers to the time it takes for a message to take a trip between a computer and a host.

High bandwidth means downloading huge files is fast, while low latency means a faster response between clicking a button and having the other side answer.

While latency is not so much of an issue with some casino games like slot machines, bingo or video poker, it can be a major issue with games which rely on instant reactions. Shooters like Overwatch or Call of Duty, for example, need players to make quick reactions or risk character death and team failure.

The difficulty here is that even minor peaks in latency can push a game over the limit between playable and a frustrating experience. While bandwidth can and will continue to grow, latency is more bound by the unbreakable laws of physics, as Tested details.

What does this mean for the player? It means that, as long as quick responses are a concern, choose a server as close to you as possible, or that which lists the lowest latency (also called ping).

Legal Issues For Games and Casinos

Getting started with a game is certainly more streamlined today than it has been in the past, but it can still take a few minutes even in the best circumstances. Spending these minutes only to find you cannot play due to legal restrictions can be a major pain, so be sure to check ahead first.

Most commonly, this is seen in the world of online casino games as a simple reality of regional laws. Each country will have slightly different laws relating to which casino games can be played, and which websites can be accessed, and this can make tracking them seem difficult.

In reality, modern websites such as slot machines have already addressed these issues for iGaming players. Dedicated services such as these not only let players know which games like blackjack, baccarat, slots and roulette can be played and where, but they also list bonuses and welcome promotions and rate the different casino websites for the players.

This might soon be the case for more traditional websites too, as legal issues regarding lootboxes continue to raise their heads.

You Video and Casino Gaming Experience Depend on Your Location!

These issues of legality and distance when playing casino and other types of video games have been something which many of us, as designated family tech support, have had to explain to loved ones over and over. The basic ideas here are very simple, so keep these in mind, and you’re guaranteed to save yourself time and frustration next time you want to play the Game of Thrones slot machine!

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