NASA records an impressive image of a distant galaxy

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Researchers have discovered an interesting galaxy with the help of the Hubble Space Telescope. The galaxy, which is known under the name of NGC 772, is located in the Aries constellation. A major difference comes from the fact that it is not barred, in comparison to the Milky Way, which is a barred galaxy.

In this case, the ‘’bars’’ are bands of bright light that are generated by accumulations of dust and gas that can be found along the centers of the galaxy. In a barred galaxy the bars will accelerate the rate at which stars form and grow by directing dust and gas into the core of the galaxy.

This trait is missing among galaxies like NGC 772, even though there is a large amount of gas and dust that contribute to the formation of stars in other corners of the galaxy. The unusual shape of the galaxy has also encouraged scientists to classify it as a peculiar galaxy.

In the images shared by NASA, it is easy to see that a section in the upper area seems to be distorted and extended. The anomaly is caused by the presence of a nearby satellite galaxy, which is gravitationally bound to NGC 772 and orbits around it.

The Milky Way has its satellite galaxies, among which we can count the Large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic Cloud. Data collected by the Hubble telescope infers that these smaller galaxies move at a pace that is a bit too fast for a galaxy that should be gravitationally bound.

It is thought that these galaxies may collide with the Milky Way at some point, fueling the dark hole that can be found in the middle of the galaxy and leading to a major expansion.

Hubble has also observed a rare event as three shadows were observed over Jupiter at the same time. The shadows were generated by solar eclipses.

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