Scientists Might Have Identified the Fifth Force of Nature

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The idea of a fifth force of nature came in the attention of some physicists from Hungary. They might found some proof about a power that would force us to rethink our beliefs of the universe and how it runs.

Such a fact could also bring light to some researchers’ studies or to explain and identify black matter. The fifth force is theorized to value 85 % of the universe.

This research, however, brings us back to 2015 when the Hungarian physicists started with the radioactive corrosion of beryllium to reach nowadays an experiment involving helium. They believe the element goes along with the particle they think is carrying it. The particle has been named X17.

Scientists Might Have Identified the Fifth Force of Nature

The research began by firing protons at the isotope lithium-7, developing beryllium-8, an unstable isotope. The corrosion of its particles didn’t act as expected, because the beryllium-8 is supposed to evolve into a positron and an electron.

Moreover, as the energy of the light enhances, the part between the two particles should increase and, ultimately, go different ways. Hungarian physicists identified the electron and positron part ways at an angle of 140 degrees. Also, it is considered that when the atom corrosions, the extra energy developed a different discovered new particle.

Once the particle shattered, shortly after, it became a positron and electron. Later on, the experiment was tried by a team of researchers from America using the same results.

Their beliefs involved another theory that a particle could be responsible for the anomaly as its features suggest that it’d have to be a new type of the first boson – a particle that can transport forces. It was named “photophobic X boson,” which has a distinctive mass, 17 megaelectronvolts, and a lifespan of almost 10 to the minus 14 seconds.

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