SpaceX Starship Prototype Failed During a Test in Texas – What Does This Mean for the Company?

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SpaceX has made a test version of the next-gen rocket, Starship. It did not go according to the plan, because it burst during the ground tests in Texas, thing that led to plumes of gas and many pieces of hardware into the sky. The failure was caught in real-time by many people, and the video is on the internet.

SpaceX Starship Prototype Failed During the Test

The result happened while SpaceX was conducting pressure tests with the vehicle. It happened at the test site of the company in Boca Chica, in Texas. The local live streams showed SpaceX’s vehicle producing gas many times during the day, a thing that was showing that the testing was going to happen soon.

The test aimed to pressurize the system to the max, so, in some way, they expected this outcome. There were no injuries, and apparently, this was not a serious setback.

The prototype was supposed to test the design of Starship, a spacecraft that the company is working on for transporting cargo and people to space destinations, such as Mars or Moon. This is the same vehicle that the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, showed back in September. He stated that the test vehicle was able to do low altitudes flights and that a version of Starship could reach the orbit of Earth in about six months.

What this failure means for SpaceX

Well, with all that happened, the timeline will probably change. After the explosion, Musk stated on Twitter that SpaceX will not fly this certain prototype, but that they will do more tests with an updated model, which the company wants to build. Musk said about the prototype that burst that it had some value as a manufacturing pathfinder, but that the design was different.

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