Fascinating Facts About The Brain

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The brain is a fascinating component of the human body as it can control a rich selection of actions and responses. Researchers remain hard at work as new facts about the brain are uncovered from time to time. Read below to learn more about the remarkable organ.

Furious dreams

A broad range of emotions can be experienced while sleeping, and anger is one of them. By analyzing brain activity, researchers can learn if someone experienced anger in their dreams. When people dream, an activity can be observed in the frontal lobes, an area of the brain which handles emotions. Asymmetric activity infers the presence of negative feelings, with anger being the primary one.

The toll of loneliness

Even introverts require the presence of other people from time to time as humans are social by nature. A study that observed nine explorers who spent over twelve months in the frozen wastelands of Antarctica found out that their brains shrunk. Researchers are now working on exercises and tasks that could prevent shrinkage when a person has to spend so much time alone.

Missing links

Some people can perceive smells even if their brains lack the presence of a region that is essential for this ability. The olfactory bulbs are located at the front of the brain and process information collected by the nose. The discovery was made when a team of scientists scanned the brain of a woman and saw that the bulbs were missing, but she could smell things. It is theorized that another section of the brain may have developed the ability.

Understanding death

Death is a natural event, but the brain seems keen to keep any feelings related to our potential demise as distant as possible. While the brain seeks to anticipate what will happen in the future, a study showed that ideas related to death would break the mechanism. This means that the brain rejects the concept of death, even if it knows that it is inevitable.

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