Quantum Teleportation in a Qutrit Obtained by Researchers

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A significant achievement took place earlier this year when researchers managed to teleport a qutrit for the first time. The milestone event is quite essential since it may pave the way towards developments in quantum computing and quantum teleportation.

In the past, researchers had managed to teleport qubits over significant distances. By teleporting a qutrit, scientists have obtained meaningful data that infers that advanced quantum networks may carry a considerably higher amount of data without being affected by interference.

What is a qutrit?

In classical computing, data is divided into bits that can have one of two states: one or zero? Quantum computing has a great advantage since the qubit can be both one and zero at the same time (a trait that is known as superposition.)

A qutrit will share the same relationship with a trit, bringing the advantage of superposition to a state that can be defined as 0,1, or 2. Since the qutrit can be in all of the states at the same time, the jump in the speed of computer processing or the amount of information that can be analyzed will be massive. However, this also makes the job more difficult.

Quantum teleportation in a qutrit

Quantum teleportation involves the transportation of information from one place to another via a phenomenon that is classified under the name of quantum entanglement. In this case, two quantum particles or groups of particles will be connected, and the properties of one particle can be viewed via another particle even if there is a significant distance between them.

This is not teleportation in the manner depicted in movies or sci-fi series, but it involves access to information from large distances. The quantum information can be converted and beamed via light photons, a significant advantage since there is no way to intercept or analyze the data in a stealthy manner. Two teams of researchers have managed to teleport qutrits across several states.

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