NASA Is Thinking to Build Houses on the Moon from Mushrooms

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NASA is full of ideas about the future houses and structures placed in the future on the Moon or Mars. The Space Agency is exploring and playing with new technologies that could grow by themselves without adding metal and glass. On for that to happen, the scientists thought about growing fungi. NASA is analyzing the use of the fungus such as mushrooms and molds for constructing outposts on other planets and the Moon.

The fungus is producing by itself spores, and it is eating organic material. Because of this process, NASA is thinking of using Mycelia to build the outposts on Mars and Moon. The Mycelia is constructing structures which are looking like wires, and it is forming a network, which develops in mushrooms. If the scientists are giving the fungus the right conditions for the process, they can obtain new structures which are creating a material. The material will seem similar to the leather, and after that, the astronomers could use it for building buildings of all kinds.

NASA Plans to Build Houses on the Moon With Mushrooms

The wish for building and putting buildings and constructions on other planets is growing. So NASA has the astrobiologist Lynn Rothschild, which is analyzing the whole project. Rothschild is saying that the plan to build traditional buildings on other planets is costing a lot and energy. Instead of that, they are finding a secure and reliable solution, growing Mycelia.

Finally, the plans are going even further in the fungus department. NASA wants to get to the point where the astronomers will bring their own habitat entirely made out of lightweight material such as fungi. The structure could last on the long journey to faraway planets, and after that, it could be simply unfolded. They are planning to develop the structure by adding water and let the process to do its work. The mushroom house will have the purpose of protecting the humans.

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