NASA Warned That Another Asteroid Will Whiz By Earth Today

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NASA reveals that we are threatened by an asteroid that will whiz by Earth soon. This is only a presumption, but still, there’s a potential danger. We are familiar with the asteroid that hit Earth and ended ice age. Hopefully, if this one’s going to hit us, it will do small damages.  Also, NASA said that the asteroid’s mass is almost like a yacht.

The BB1 asteroid is also called a near-Earth object or NEO, and this means that its orbit around the sun is very close. The most prominent asteroid that hit Earth was 65 million years ago and caused the extinction of non-avian dinosaurs. The scientists estimate that this object was about 11 to 12 km wide.

We had a similar incident in 2013, when a small asteroid hit Chelyabinsk, Russia. The asteroid exploded in the atmosphere just before hitting the ground, and the impact was hard enough to injure more than 1000 people, spreading glass from the broken windows. But there are also small asteroids that burn before reaching the atmosphere, and those are harmless. Some asteroids can strike Earth at least once a year, but the size of those asteroids is almost like a “big grizzly bear.”

NASA warned us about another close asteroid approach

NASA said: “Sometimes, asteroids’ orbital is influenced by the gravitational attraction of planets, which cause their track to alter. Scientists believe stray asteroids or fragments from earlier collisions have slammed into Earth in the past, playing a major role in the evolution of our planet.”

Scientists estimate that an asteroid would have to be about 96 km wide to wipe out life on our planet and to extinction the human race. Brian Toon (geoscientist from the University of Colorado Boulder) said: “A space rock 8 km (5 miles) wide would release energy akin to 100 billion tons of TNT. While an asteroid the size of a house, hitting the earth at 48,000 km/h (30,000 miles per hour), would pulverize all human-made structures up to half a mile from ground zero.”

In conclusion, asteroid BB1 will pass across Earth at a considerable distance, approximately 1,000,000 km, so, we are safe, for now.

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