Asteroid Impacts Can Benefit The Environment In Some Occasions

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Astronomers are optimistic people. They always manage to see the greater good in any catastrophe – Mostly because any calamity is a reason for learning, for the illusion of getting closer to understanding the miracle of the existence of the Universe. The latest proof of their positive way of seeing things is that asteroid impacts are not necessarily harmful.

They always bring something new to the place they destroy. They can help the environment by enriching it with new elements of their composition.

As it happened with planet Mars when the waste left there by an asteroid collision tangled their calculation and misled them to believe the red planet is older than it actually is. Or, as it happened billions of years ago when an asteroid collided with the blue planet and made the dinosaurs get extinct.

Asteroid impacts beneficial effects on the environment

Alright, so it was a distressful event. But today, they found two enriched components in the boundary layer. Traces of iridium enrichments were found in two components of the boundary clay that must have come from the killing asteroid. Oh, and one of the parts was incorporated into the mineral pyrite. That’s like children at the playground finding candy in the dirt and happily eating them.

There is nothing good in asteroid collision. If there will be another one like Chicxulub crater in the Gulf of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, no scientist will be left to analyze anything. We’ll be erased, just like the dinosaurs before us. If there is something good about their extinction is because they left room for us to emerge.

That’s the only rational reason to see something good in the collision of an asteroid. Not that it enriched the mineral pyrite with some iridium. Selfish as it may sound, it is, at least, rational.

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